January 2012

How to make a turtleneck sexy and attract all the “Brad Pitts”?

by Mike Doubintchik on January 24, 2012

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A lot of women feel that looking sexy means showing more flesh. It’s true that showing skin can be sexy, but sometimes what you don’t show or reveal can be sexier, as it leaves the mind open for imagination.  The great thing about turtlenecks is that they accentuate the neck, which is very sexy and a beautiful body part. Similar to when women put their hair up, you tend to truly see the beauty of the neck, as it emphasizes the figure more.

Women and turtlenecks are a very sexy and hot combination since they tend to fit tight and show off curves. Turtlenecks can show the outline of a woman’s neck and shoulders, which commonly makes the girl look more petite and curvier than normal.  I know a lot of lovely ladies that wear the sleeveless turtlenecks with pencil skirts, and those sleeveless turtlenecks seem to accentuate a girl’s figure even more than the normal turtlenecks, while still providing that sophisticated look.

Of course the color of the turtleneck is equally important in creating the sexiness that will attract all the Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps. The color choice is based on many factors from the season, skin tone, color pairing with other things of the ensemble, to hair color and more.  Another sexy thing about turtlenecks, due to their form fitting style, help women accentuate their chest a little more as well. That sort of thing gets most men’s attention.

Turtlenecks are coming back strong; as they should, they are the perfect combination of cute, sexy and classy. If you don’t have a turtleneck in your closet, you should definitely think about adding it to your clothing collection. Personally, I think you should have at least two in your closet, a sleeveless turtleneck and a regular turtleneck.  Some new things many women are doing is cutting their turtlenecks into crop tops, I think this would be more of summer or spring time approach, but it definitely looks sexy and hot, and I’m pretty sure Brad Pitt would take notice.

Well if you don’t believe me, just put on a turtleneck and put your hair up and ask a friends opinion.